CON-SENSUAL | Interdisciplinary Performance​​​​​​​
Directed, Devised and Performed by: Derya Durmaz (Turkey/Germany)
Dramaturgy by: Katja Kettner (Germany)
Audiovisual Directing & Editing by: Özlem Sariyildiz (Turkey /Germany) and Bora Yediel (Turkey/Germay)
Stage & Costume Design by: Turgut Kocaman (Turkey/Germany)
Set Choreography by: Merve May Parlar (Turkey/Germany)
Performed by: Michaele Daoud  (Syria/Germany)

Pain and pleasure. Giving in and giving up. Playing and roleplaying. Do you play your part? Did you write your part? Or were you given your part? Was it consensual? Or were you conned? Was it at least sensual? Is it time to come to your senses? Maybe then you can finally make sense of it all…
  Con-Sensual is an interdisciplinary performance project that takes a close and intimate look at how much of an understanding we really have of our (chosen or given) gender roles and the parts we play

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